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A lot more goes into producing the perfect images than just clicking a shutter button. I’ve invested in professional retouching software so all my clients look amazing in their photos! Check out these before and after pics…

Baby Aiyla had some dry, blotchy skin patches, so had to get her skin tone even and eliminate the shedding. Also added some creative edits to enhance the colors and her eyelashes.

Studio lighting can be tricky with shadows and highlights and wrinkles in the backdrop. But not if you have a smoothing Photoshop hack up your sleeve!

I couldn’t resist doing some “painterly” type edits on Elaina’s copper jewel-toned dress. And that hair is just on fire!

I get a lot of headshot requests in January and February and I love it because not only does it help me financially in the first quarter (when it’s typically slow for photographers), it’s fun to meet and work with professional adults. 🙂

Who doesn’t want ugly scarecrows and signage in their family pictures?! lol But, peep that beautiful fall foliage. 🙂

Eliminated distracting background objects, turned photo to be more eye-catching, brightened the whites and warmed those toesies so little Haylen looked flawless in her album.

Love the urban, downtown feel of this image. Edited out distractions, brightened Yasmine and enhanced her beautiful hair.

The sunset at Brody’s senior session was gorgggggeous! So glad he and his parents picked this image!

Adorable little Luca had me sweating by the end of this session, but so worth it! Don’t you think?

Last, but not least, my stepdaughter, Kendra and her beau Tyler asked me to take some photos of them last fall. I rarely get to photograph couples, so I had a lot of fun with these…

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4 thoughts on “Before & After Photos / Green Bay Photographer

  1. Amanda says:

    Rachael is great to work with and she knows how to get that perfect shot!

  2. Kathy says:

    Fantastic photos!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!

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